SMS or Short Message Service has revolutionized the way businesses can communicate with and reach their target markets. With rapidly evolving technology and the growth of mobile phone user base, Bulk SMS Marketing has become a very cost-effective way to promote products and services without geographical barriers.

At Corporate Adworld we help businesses leverage the power of SMS technology to build their brand and strengthen customer relationships, besides growing their customer base affordably and effectively.

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The unique benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing  

Bulk SMS is an easy yet powerful way to mass distribute advertising messages and generate leads in a short span of time without the hassle of designing and printing.

  • Budget-friendly, low cost
  • Instant reach with customers on the go
  • Proven client data base builder
  • Ability to edit promotional messages at no extra charge
  • Effective medium for promo codes, discount coupons, gifts, all in real time
  • Quick response time from recipient

Corporate Adworld’s proven Bulk SMS marketing services are geared to helping businesses increase their reach rapidly and consistently. We offer tailored campaigns with messages that convert your audience into loyal customers. As SMS messages can be received by your market anywhere and anytime, the chances of immediate response to your call to action are 100%.

With Corporate Adworld’s Bulk SMS marketing, you can be confident of connecting with your target market effectively and affordably, and stay updated with tracking reports. Get the maximum return on investment for your promotional efforts.

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