In addition to long codes Corporate Adworld offers short codes services that enable businesses to connect with their audience via mobile phones to promote their products and services and keep them updated about the latest developments.

Short codes are typically a mode of communication via SMS prefixed with a code between the business and its user. Through an automated process, the user receives an interactive response that is easy to navigate and use.

Usually, short codes are five or six digit numbers that are easy to remember, making it very convenient for users to recall when they need information. Considering that practically everyone carries a mobile phone, short codes can be used as a powerful marketing tool.

To know the various ways in which Corporate Adworld’s short codes services can help your business, call us today.

Some of the ways short codes can be effectively used are:

  • Interact with team members
  • Share information with users
  • Get feedback
  • Collect votes
  • Automate lead generation
  • Collect online subscriptions
  • Announce exam results

Not only do short codes make it easy to communicate, they are also excellent for information on demand, making lead generation easy and automated. They are available 24 x 7 even out of office hours. The biggest benefit is the creation of new customer touch points and real time feedback from customers and other target groups. If the business is planning an online survey or a contest, short codes are the best tool to use, regardless of what mobile device or network the user has.

For more information on how you can incorporate short codes into your marketing mix, contact Corporate Adworld today.

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