Imagine trying to reach every prospective customer manually on the phone to promote your services! With Corporate Adworld’s voice messaging services, you can instantly market to millions of people without geographical and time constraints.

Voice messaging lets you record a well-crafted message and send it to groups of phone numbers via the phone through innumerable channels to the phone numbers you want to call. Through this service, users and subscribers can interact via voice messages and also choose and deliver voice information. Transactions can also be processed using voice messaging.

Call Corporate Adworld to know how voice messaging can increase your interaction with your market and grow your business.

No matter what the size of your business, voice messaging can save a lot of time, effort and money by enabling you to automate your communication with your target market so that you can use your time more productively in your business.  

Voice messaging or bulk voice calling or outbound dialer services use technology that automates bulk voice calls to mobile/telephone users and delivers pre-recorded messages. It can quickly dial out the required set of phone numbers and play the recorded prompts (messages), in addition to collecting touch-tone inputs from users so that the response can be evaluated.

With voice messaging you can:

  • Deliver or receive responses from members, employees, customers and prospects
  • Promote political campaigns
  • Register and remind voters
  • Make marriage reminder calls (special package)
  • Market products and services
  • Make announcements
  • Send reminders for payments such as insurance premiums and EMI
  • Confirm appointments, meetings
  • Generate leads
  • Notify events
  • Confirm pickup and delivery
  • Do personalized voice broadcasts
  • Promote hospitality and health care
  • Remind bills due for payment

As a powerful publicity tool, bulk voice messaging and calls allow access to a massive number of users in a short span of time. To explore how you can use voice messaging services for your business, call Corporate Adworld today.

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