IVR or the Interactive Voice Response is an automated phone system where businesses can communicate with their callers 24 x 7, 365 days a year with zero set up costs. Although the system is automated, customer interaction can be highly personalized with customized messages. 

Corporate Adworld offers a variety of solutions for businesses with large call volumes enabling them to attend to each and every call, promptly and courteously. To know more about IVR systems can benefit your business, call us for a discussion.

How do IVR systems work?

  • Incoming calls are forwarded to your mobile and landline numbers
  • If one number is busy, the next number is dialled
  • You never miss a call since all calls received are recorded and accessible on your website.
  • Even faxes can be received in pdf format via email eliminating the need for a fax machine.
  • Flexibility of use as customers are seamlessly attended to via voice mail when you are away. 
  • Ability to log calls in detail including date, time of call, caller ID, duration of call and forwarded number.

The biggest benefit of IVR systems for your business is the ability to interact with your customers around the clock. There is no set up cost, no hardware and no software to manage.

Corporate Adworld’s virtual IVR systems offer an excellent way to strengthen your customer service with customized menus. Regardless of the size of your business, IVR can be can be used for customer retention, interaction and growth.

To see how IVR systems can grow your business and build your customer relations, contact us today.

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