• Q1. Can I have a free trial?

    Ans. Yes, mail to sales@corporateadworld.com for a free trial account.

  • Q2. How can I make a payment for SMS credit?

    Ans. You can make payments by Cheque, Demand Draft or payment can be directly deposited to our bank account.

  • Q3. How after the payment will I get my account activated?

    Ans. After you make payment, fill in the registration form. Send the details of payment via mail to admin@corporateadworld.com . After your payment is confirmed your account will get activated. Do mention sales person’s name (to whom you dealing with) with your registration.

  • Q4. What is payment mode?

    Ans. 100% advance.

  • Q5. What is CDMA & GSM sender ID?

    Ans. Before you start sending SMS, you need to set your GSM Sender ID This is the name which displays on the receiver’s mobile phone. You can set any name (not more then 6 characters) as your GSM ID which belongs to you or your company but in case of CDMA sender id you will have to use a 10 digit number provided by the operator.

  • Q6. How will I get confirmation whether my SMS have been delivered?

    Ans. We provide online real time delivery reports. You get confirm report about the status of your SMS.

  • Q7. Is there any restriction on the number of characters in the message?

    Ans. You can submit maximum 160 characters in 1 SMS but in case you want to use long SMS, you can do that but more credits will be used depending on the length of SMS.

  • Q8. Can I send message to anyone for my product advertisement or any such purpose?

    Ans. Messages cannot be sent to NDNC numbers.

  • Q8. What types of users can use “Reseller Panel”?

    Ans: The user types: “Master Reseller” and “Reseller” only can use Reseller Panel.

  • Q9. What type of users I can create using Reseller Panel?

    Ans: You can create three types of users using Reseller Panel: Master Reseller, Reseller, and normal user.

  • Q10. How do Master Reseller, Reseller, and normal user differ from one another?

    Ans: The Master Reseller is the type of user that can create all three types of users (Master Reseller, Reseller and normal user). Whereas, Reseller can only create normal user. The normal user cannot create any kind of user.

  • Q11. What is the permissible maximum character length for Non-English message?

    Ans: Non-English message consists of 70 characters. However, you can send Unicode message of maximum 2000 characters.

  • Q12. How can I send Non-English messages?

    Ans: To send Non-English message, click check box: “Non-English” right to “Language”.

  • Q13. How can I send “Flash” messages?

    Ans: To send flash message, click check box: “Flash” right to “Message Type”.

  • Q14. Can I upload more than one file through ZIP upload process?

    Ans: No, you can upload only one file of specified type (TXT, XLS, CSV) through ZIP upload process.

  • Q15. How many contacts I can import in a group during single transaction?

    Ans: You can import maximum up to 2,00,000 contacts in one Group during single transaction in CSV, TXT, XLS file formats.

  • Q16. Can I Import/Export contacts?

    Ans: Yes. To import or export contacts, click “Import” and “Export” on Manage Group page.

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