Corporate Adworld’s Long codes offer businesses an affordable way to improve interaction with the target market. Similar to a mobile number, long codes are 10 digit shared numbers for easy recall, letting your users and customers send you text messages in the form of SMS or voice calls so that they can interact with you. Long codes are used in reality show voting, feedback from customers, voting, polling, automated lead generation, online subscriptions, examination results and in the entertainment and media industry.

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What are the benefits of long codes?

A majority of mobile phone owners use their handheld devices to access data online and interact with brands making it a powerful tool for marketers to offer their products and services. The best thing about this medium is the permission based messaging since users are all opted in. Other priceless benefits are:

  • Ease of communication
  • Information on demand, on the go
  • Rapid lead generation
  • 24 x 7 availability
  • Creation of new customer touch points
  • Facilitating feedback from customers, employees and all stakeholders of the business
  • Online surveys with real time results
  • Ability to conduct polls, voting contests and other interactive activities
  • Attractive calling costs for the caller

Long codes offer businesses limitless capabilities through creative use, allowing millions of SMS messages or calls per minute. Businesses can have their own custom numbers that they can use for the entire group of companies. As the business grows, so does the capability of long codes, enabling international reach via SMS and calls. 

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